Whole Sale Voice Termination

Whole Sale Voice Termination

KOL TELECOM Wholesale voice termination service is a cost-effective way for you to deliver telephone calls to the world while taking advantage of very low rates. We know the strength of your network is integral to supporting your business. KOL TELECOM gives you the platform that always meets your customer demands. With its own infrastructure and years of experience in operations, we offer an excellent platform for high quality Whole Sale Voice Termination.

Protocols supported

  • SIP
  • H323
  • IAX

KOL TELECOM provides a wholesale customer with:

  • 24 hour surveillance
  • High quality call completion
  • Worldwide connections through reliable Tier 1 partners.
  • Highly Competitive rates
  • stability of network and voice quality with high ACD, ASR and low PDD
  • Special wholesale and reseller panel to keep a constant check on your business. (features like customers call flow, ability to keep a check on the minutes used, instant renewal of minutes etc)
  • 24/7 support by technical team
  • All major codec supported.

By offering delivering quality and consistent voice termination worldwide at competitive prices, our goal is to offer our clients the most flexible and reliable communication services that lower your termination costs and increase profit margins.

We work on prepay only and with a min payment of $500 to quality for Wholesale status.

a. AZ Route

Now make local, national and international calls at reasonable rates. The big or not-so-big business entities or corporate houses can opt for KOLTELECOM AZ Route to experience the joy of making local, national and international calls at reasonable rates. With KOL TELECOM AZ Route the communication structures will become better and more organized. The users can enjoy hassle free communication with others- especially if services are obtained from KOL TELECOM. We consistently monitor the traffic on our wholesale ring to ensure that connected VoIP carriers are being offered the highest quality of wholesale carrier services.

KOL TELECOM offers our customers with:

  • Cutting down on calling costs
  • Transmit voice, video and images with ease
  • High ACD, ASR and low PDD
  • Market-leading rates for worldwide destinations
  • Consistent, competitive, high quality call completion
  • 24/7 support online.
  • Ticketing system to handle any issues.

a. Direct Routes

Take a direct route to any destination in the world with KOL TELECOM. Direct Routes delivers calls worldwide with intelligent network, connecting directly to carriers around the world, offering competitive rates and superior quality calls. You can connect your gateway, gatekeeper based soft switch and interconnecting with KOL TELECOM system to route over 100 carriers around the world.

KOL TELECOM Direct runs high ASR, ACD and low PDD to many countries, so that your customer can experience high quality calls. We offer two type of routes: Grey & white. Direct connections assure a great degree of reliability with a very high ASR and equally high network efficiency.