Soft Switch Leasing

Soft Switch Leasing

Have you been thinking about being an entrepreneur? Have you had interested trading something with the ease of operations from home? KOL TELECOM Soft switch’s offers you just that with flexible routing between VoIP networks, carrier grade reliability and high scalability. The product supports multiple routing methods, including Least Cost Routing, ASR Routing, and Priority Routing which enables providers to select the most profitable and high quality routes for each call, and increase call completion rates, revenues and profits. It can be easily integrated into different system architectures, to suit a variety of customer requirements. It provides the flexibility to configure all external network elements such gatekeeper, media gateway, signaling gateway, and application server. Service providers benefit from improved call completion rates, higher revenues, less revenue leakage, and improved network security and availability.

a. Asterisk SoftSwitch Leasing

We lease Voice over IP Softswitch Server Systems which are required to configure, route, and translate voip traffic. The Softswitch comes with Asterisk and its necessary add-ons Pre-installed and is based on the popular IP telephony protocols, SIP, IAX and H.323 and if necessary MGCP and SCCP protocols for added support to CISCO Call Manager support with support for codecs like g729 and g723. Our Softswitch design is a great tool for VoIP and offers the power and configurability needed to create commercial grade voip services. We relieve you of the headache of setting up a complicated system to provide these services. KOL TELECOM softswitch’s can be provided with Asterisk Management Portal (AMP) or other GUI’s of the customer choice if desired by the client.  The management interface is accessible, via any standard web browser. You can use it to configure, administer, and monitor the VoIP Softswitch as well as manage users, routes, interfaces and billing. The server also comes with the Webmin system administration web interface which gives you complete control over every aspect of the server even if it is located in a remote location.

b. VoipSwitch SoftSwitch Leasing

KOL TELECOM VoipSwitch is a platform that allows implementing various types of Voice Over the Internet Protocol (VOIP) services, with retaining shared, uniform management interface. The feature that distinguishes this platform is the implementation of an integrated, embedded billing system that cooperates with SQL – MS SQL or MySQL databases’ servers. This solution results in the simplicity of preparing the system, by the operator, to be fully functional for providing services and also for administrating it in the future.

Voip Switch’s software consists of the following modules:

  • VoipSwitch manager
  • VoipSwitch Config
  • Web PC to Phone Client
  • Webphone
  • Callback Client
  • Webcallback
  • SMS Callback
  • IVR
  • Online Shop
  • Reseller’s module
  • CallShop

Each of the module is mutually integrated what allows, for instance, Pc2Phone user to access, from this application, information on the history of calls made, price list or current account status. Also, from the same level, it is possible to add funds to the account or to utilize SMS Callback service. On the other hand, division into the separates modules allows adjusting the implementation of given services to the desired time frame. For instance, Callback service, IVR, online payments or Reseller Module can be added at any time without disturbing the functionality of the system. Compatibility and simplicity of usage also refers to all the modules created by VoipSwitch company, what gives the provider the possibility of extending the range of services offered, or building on the services already utilized according to the existing clients’ expectations and emerging of the new technologies.

c. VoiceMaster SoftSwitch Leasing

We are providing Voice Master softswitch for rent with 24/7 support and training. Voice master is an integrated platform of the following

  1. Routing System (Soft switch) – To route calls to different Gateways based on their Area-codes.
  2. Authenticating, Billing and Reporting System – Users can be authenticated using various methods (IP, PIN, ANI, DNIS, Usernames…etc.). This is customizable. For assigning & calculating both the expenses & profits of your company. VM has an in-built AAA Radius server for Authenticating users & Accounting (Billing).
  3. IVR (Integrated Voice Response) File Server – The VM database holds a range of IVR files for gateway applications (Prepaid Calling Cards). The files are available in a range of languages & are also customizable.

These functional entities works as a single unit (device) to give you a cost-effective VoIP business solution.

d. Sysmaster SoftSwitch Leasing

SM7000 VoIP Gateway

SM7000 is a VoIP gateway that offers universal IP-PSTN switching, carrier grade reliability and high scalability. It supports the popular SIP and H.323 VoIP protocols, and enables service providers to quickly introduce revenue-generating VoIP services, such as class 4 service, callback, VoIP termination and others. Compared to other VoIP gateways, SM7000 offers more advanced features, such as callback and IVR over IP, and more compelling return on investment for service providers.

With SM7000 you can have Callback Server, SMS Gateway   Translation from SIP to H323 & vice-versa IVR, Voicemail Server, PBX server And many more.

Key Features

  • Deployable in SIP, H.323 or MGCP VoIP Networks
  • Registration with Multiple Gatekeepers
  • Support for Multiple RADIUS Servers
  • Multilingual and Customizable IVR
  • Support for IVR over IP
  • Multiple Voice Codecs
  • Route Fail-over Support
  • SIP/H.323 Protocol Conversion
  • Codec Translation
  • Callback Support