Hosted PBX Services

Hosted PBX Services

KOL TELECOM provides hosted PBXes like

  • TRIXBOX (all versions),
  • PBX in a flash,
  • Asterisk,
  • Asterisk NOW,
  • Asterisk Business Edition,
  • Brekkeke PBX. (windows based)


  • Kamailio


trixbox CE combines the best of the open source telephony tools into one easy-to-install package, along with the trixbox dashboard which provides a web-based interface to configure and manage a complete IP-PBX system. The most flexible and customizable communications platform available, trixbox CE averages over 65,000 downloads a month.

trixbox CE is the most flexible PBX system available today. If you need a highly customized solution and the trixbox Pro hybrid-hosted architecture is unfitting, use trixbox CE. Not only does trixbox CE allow you to build your own custom features and modules, but you can rely upon the community to help as well. The trixbox community is one of the largest and most active communities of trixbox and Asterisk users in the world. The members of this community work every day to help each other answer questions, resolve issues, fix bugs, make enhancements, and develop projects. trixbox CE has all the benefits of open source plus a commercial company standing behind it.


trixbox Pro Highlights

  • Low monthly license fee
  • Hybrid-Hosted
  • Telecommuter Capable
  • Branch Office Capable
  • Advanced Call Center Features
  • Multiple Automated Attendants
  • Use VoIP, PSTN, or Both
  • Web-Based Configuration
  • Conference Bridges
  • Graphical Call Reporting
  • Call Recording Tools
  • Free worldwide calling via trixNet

trixbox Pro- Standard Edition

trixbox Pro Standard Edition (SE) is our base hybridhosted telephony solution for small businesses that need enterprise-class features. trixbox Pro SE includes features such as: a powerful and intuitive web interface for both administrators and users, auto-attendant, voicemail-to-email, Outlook integration, music on hold, a spell-by-name directory, simpli.ed co-branding, and more. trixbox Pro also comes with HUDlite.


  • Auto-Attendant (IVR)
  • Outlook Integration
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • CRM Integration
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Hot Desk
  • Music-on-Hold
  • Scheduler
  • Custom CTI (AGI)
  • Analog & IP Phones
  • Ring-All (Blast Group)
  • Call Forwarding
  • Name Directory
  • DIDs
  • VoIP-Ready (1 account)
  • PSTN Fallback
  • Telecommuters
  • Branch Of.ce Support
  • Web Control Panel
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Operator Panel (w/BLF)
  • Call Parking
  • Drag-and-drop Call Control
  • Enterprise Instant Messaging
  • Presence Management
  • Color-Coded Call Status

trixbox Pro- Enterprise Edition

A step up from trixbox Pro SE, trixbox Pro Enterprise Edition (EE) contains all of the features of Standard Edition, but adds a conference bridge, multiple auto-attendants, paging, intercom (group + individual), group permissions, full reseller re-branding capabilities, and more. trixbox Pro EE also comes standard with HUD Pro which adds presence management, drag and drop call control, private enterprise chat, interactive desktop alerts, and more.


  • All Standard Edition Features
  • Conference Bridge
  • Extension Groups
  • Routing by DIDs
  • Paging
  • Zone Paging
  • Intercom
  • Zone Intercom
  • Voicemail Groups
  • Advanced Call Forwarding
  • Call Return
  • Call Out
  • Report Exporting (.csv)
  • Custom Caller IDs
  • IVR Authentication
  • VoIP-Ready (2 accounts)
  • SMS/Pager Voicemail Notify
  • Upload Voice Prompts
  • Alerts & Noti.cations
  • Trunks Status Pages
  • Real-Time System Graphs
  • Historical System Graphs
  • Interactive Desktop Alerts
  • On-the-Fly Recording
  • Group and User Permissions
  • Extension Grouping
  • Extension Search

trixbox Pro- Call Center Edition

trixbox Pro Call Center Edition (CCE) builds on the powerful features of both SE and EE by adding advanced call center capabilities at an unbelievably low price. Designed for companies with 2 – 200 agents, CCE adds robust ACD and IVR capabilities with unlimited queues, skills-based routing, realtime queue statistics, graphical reports, web-base recording access, and more. trixbox Pro CCE comes with HUD Pro and adds advanced agent capabilities such as on-the-.y recording, call barge, call monitor, CRM integration, and one-touch agent login.


  • All Standard Edition Features
  • All Enterprise Edition Features
  • Unlimited Call Queues
  • Full Featured A.C.D.
  • Skills-Based Routing
  • Graphical Queue Reports
  • Agent Call Recording
  • Agent Variable Log-off
  • Agents on Cell Phones
  • Agents Shared Across Sites
  • Real-time Queue Stats
  • VoIP-Ready (unlimited accounts)
  • Agent Login/Logout
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Barging
  • On-the-Fly Recording
  • Advanced CRM Integration