About Us


KOL Telecom is the leading innovator of small business Voice over IP (VoIP) phone services.

Current IP Communications technology permits home and small/medium sized businesses to use their network connection in novel ways. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) applications can treat voice, video, data, or facsimile as simple data, which may be packetized and transmitted in real time over IP networks.

Providing the best in value, technology, and service to its customers, KOL Telecom delivers the same robust telephone system, services and features enjoyed by Fortune 1000 companies at a very affordable small business price. We offer end to end services in Voice over IP and Video over IP.


KOL Telecom benefits

Reduces your monthly phone bill up to 80 percent. Allows for an easy, inexpensive and quick implementation – the system is up and running in a few hours. Eliminates major upfront expenditures on phone equipment. Avoids phone system obsolescence through use of the most up-to-date equipment. Projects a big company image. Scales as business grows – quickly, easily and inexpensively. Unifies geographically-dispersed offices and employees for increased efficiency. Removes the need for phone .


KOL Telecom Advantage

Compared to traditional, expensive phone systems and on-premise VoIP solutions, KOL Telecom doesn’t require its customers to use costly equipment, phone lines, complicated installation and continual maintenance. With service and support included in one affordable monthly package, KOL-PBX, a hosted VoIP solution, uses KOL Telecom’s leading-edge technology to ensure plug and play ease of implementation and use for small and medium-sized businesses.


KOL Telecom Customers

KOL Telecom works with small and medium size businesses and specializes in Micro enterprise companies with fewer than 20 employees.
Systems from KOL Telecom are modular, scalable and flexible. This gives clients the opportunity to customize solutions to their needs. KOL Telecom helps service providers minimize the risks of entering a new market by providing you security, technical training, support and a reliable billing platform.